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And here’s my Everyday Code project offering in LUA. A Military Unit name generator: here

Made in pure LUA, you can enjoy creating fake unit names like:

Unit: Regent’s 194th Blazing Fury

Unit: Queen’s 350th Defenders

Unit: Emperor’s 174th Defenders

Unit: The Guild’s 304th Grenadiers

Unit: Chancellor’s Last Resort 166th Executioners

Unit: General’s 5th Grenadiers

Unit: Kaiser’s 571st Shock Troops

Unit: Queen’s 663rd Regiment

Unit: Kaiser’s 608th Blazing Fury

Unit: Emperor’s 302nd Defenders

Unit: The Guild’s 925th Dragoons

Unit: Chancellor’s 236th Defenders

Unit: Star King’s 843rd Executioners

Unit: The Temple’s 393rd Light Horse

Unit: Governor’s 24th Guards

Neat eh? Sometimes you just want something quick and dirty to bang out a bunch of semi-legit sounding unit names. Hey, nothing beats the The Guild’s 304th Grenadiers now does it? 🙂

As always feel free to grab it and mess with it and make it do great things. Improve upon it.


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