Artificial Galaxies

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Heads up: These are all my opinions, I sure as hell don’t have all the answers or know that “my way is the ONLY way”, I’m just here doing my thing and hope it helps someone else out in the process!! The benefits of OOP in building galactic empires and …

Designing a Species object and a Planet object

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So, I think the best thing to do is kind start at the bottom and work our way up. At the base of all these objects we’ve talked about so far, the Species object seems to be the most manageable and smallest on the scale of things, so let’s start fleshing …

Civilization Object and Mixing it all together

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Lastly, to complete the introduction of the process, we’ll need a Civilization object to cram our species into. We’ll keep it basic for now, with name, type of government and species type. The Civilization object will be pretty basic but we can definitely finagle some more attributes into it down the road (and boy …

The Star and Planet objects

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Presenting, the Star, Planet and Galaxy objects. The idea is to build some simple objects for basics at this point, and then we can iterate through them as we go, adding more and more functionality. So I think this as good as any time to just start the basics.       So …

Ships, Galaxy functions, and more!

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So this latest incarnation incorporates some cool stuff. In the Galaxy object, I’ve built functionality so you can query the Galaxy to return only stars that are owned by a particular civilization. The usage:

That will return a table with all the star objects that belong to civilization 1 …

Territory Borders

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So we’ve got a great framework in place (if I do say so myself!) and it’s pretty neat. I’ve created a bunch of ships, and have them flying to random stars. But what about territories? You know, you got your group of stars, and you wanna represent to the rest …

Serialization, loading and saving!

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This has been fun to be sure, but what about saving our data out and loading it as well? The fancy word for this is serialization, and this is where the OOP principles can really shine! If we build into each of our classes a ‘Serialize’ and ‘DeSerialize’ feature, we …


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Sorry about delay, I had some extra fun doing a bonus project along these lines of our artificial galaxy creation, but more on that later.

GitHub repo set up and Namegen stuff

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OK, I made the repo for Artificial Galaxies and put it up. There’s a link for the Corona based versions and a plain vanilla version too. The Corona version demos the borders and a couple of ships grooving along from one star to another. Repo is here. I’ve blended some …