Habitica: Creating a Todo-List programmatically:

So in my super neglected ‘everyday’ series (inspired by Beeple’s everydays located here) I created a method for you to programmatically create a todo list, complete with subtasks from Corona to your Habitica account. All you’ll need is the API key and User ID key from your Habitica account and you’re good to go!

Check out my github nugget here.



You want to just get on with your coding, so here it is! The FANCY drag and drop palette for Corona.

Pretty neat eh? Grab it! Do eeet! You know you want to….

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Update will include flags for setting the palette on any border of the screen, top left right or bottom.

Happy Coding!



Here’s a simple example of dragging and dropping images from a palette to the screen. You can click and drag the desired item to the black area and release it; thus creating a new instance of the chosen image. This would be handy for a layout sort of situation; placing characters onto a battlefield, or design layout like placing plants in a yard. Whatever! You’re only limited by your imagination…..and, well the amount of images you can fit into the bar on the side. 🙂

Download it free here!

If you’re interested in more functionality, like a scrollview to contain limitless images, and a cool directory scanner so you can load all your images contained in one directory, head on over to the Fancy Pallete page to purchase the code for a mere $5!

Happy coding,


PS Oh, images are borrowed from , an amazingly talented guy!